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Bespoke robust, scaleable, user‑focused online business systems

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The right team for your next project

The engineering team at Xigorn has been designing, building and running systems together for over 20 years. We build business platforms – hardware and software – with a passion for bespoke solutions that fit your requirements and your budget. We’re not shifting boxes and working from templates because we’re not salespeople, we’re technologists, committed to building effective relationships, robust solutions and top‑quality user experiences.

What we offer


What we offer


Looking for support on a new project? Do you want to add value to your current systems? We love working out the big picture and steering the detail towards it and we hate waffle. Talk to us today to find out how working with Xigorn can take your plans to the next level.


We have a proven track record of delivering projects within scope, time, budget and quality. We can manage your entire project from requirements gathering to deployment or dovetail with a larger team to deliver one of the pieces.


We know servers, firewalls, switches, desktops, data centres, co-lo and virtulisation. We understand that the overall platform needs to be engineered as one piece and marry up with your business planning.


We have a keen interest in embedded systems and IoT development – particularly using Atmel and ARM-based hardware. If you have a requirement for data collection, display or control we can help with specification, design, build, testing and integration.

Let Xigorn add value to your next project

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On time and on budget

The team at Xigorn have a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. This requires an ongoing relationship with our customers and an agile approach to development. Over the years we’ve worked with clients in many different sectors but our approach is always based on a strong understanding of the requirements and we’re always keen to be judged on results.


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